The Ultimate Covid-19 Bundle

Everything you need to know about Covid-19!

What's included in the Ultimate Covid-19 Bundle?


We brought together three leading holistic practitioners who offered their own methods and techniques for overcoming the debilitating symptoms of long Covid, for a 2 hour webinar! Dr Sarah Myhill, Rob Verkerk PhD and Jeremy Sherr were interviewed by our founders Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard to discuss:

  • The best supplements and vitamins to take
  • Activating immuno-rejuvenation
  • The use of homeopathy in treating long Covid
  • Improving energy production and combating fatigue
  • How to minimise potential side effects from the vaccine
  • How diet and the gut can affect your resilience

PDF REPORT: Covid-19 Special Feature

You will also receive a 72-page special feature containing articles and in-depth reports by leading holistic experts - essentially everything you need to know about Covid-19, including:

  • The true risks
  • Natural treatments
  • The new vaccines
  • Beating long Covid
  • Mask-wearing and more

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