There is a solution to your chronic health problem. 

is a research-based platform that will find it.

Conventional medicine can’t cure chronic health problems such as arthritis, diabetes and heart conditions. Instead, it treats the symptoms, reduces pain and makes life more comfortable. But after researching health for 30 years, Get Well knows there’s a solution to your problem that has been scientifically proven to work.
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Get Well is a one-stop destination offering highly researched and effective solutions to your health condition through three platforms:

Get Well is an annual expo, where you can meet and talk with pioneering practitioners, and hear inspiring talks from therapists, experts and patients who’ve worked out their own solutions.
Get Well is a monthly magazine that you can subscribe to and have delivered to your home anywhere in the world
Get Well is a series of online courses where you can go deeper – and join a community of others with your health problem and share ideas.
Get Well has been created by Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard, editors of What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY), one of the world’s most prestigious alternative health magazines. 

Get Well accesses WDDTY’s vast database of medical research—which started in 1989—to bring you easy-to follow solutions that can begin transforming your health.


Plans are well underway for its US launch in Los Angeles that autumn.
It’s a showcase of innovative and proven therapies and remedies that offer a new path to wellbeing for people whose chronic health problems aren’t being cured by conventional medicine.
It’s also an exhibition laid out in a unique way, and according to general health problems—such as gut and allergy health, mental health, and problems of the muscles and bones.
There will be talks and demonstrations running throughout the show.

You’ll come away with new hope and exciting new pathways to get you well.



Get Well is a monthly magazine, packed full of health solutions to many different chronic health problems. It also includes all the latest advice on nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise.
  • Overcoming arthritis
  • The one supplement you need for psoriasis
  • Why the Paleo diet might be the best when you want to lose weight
  • Simple yoga exercises when you have a bad back
  • The best natural foods for your pet dog
Right now, it’s published only in the UK—but you can subscribe from anywhere in the world and will be delivered to your home.


If you want to take easy-to-follow steps towards wellness, the Get Well online course are for you. They include live webinars and audio courses, all supported by simple reports you can read at your leisure.
Best of all, every course delegate is automatically enrolled into a private support group of people who are going through just the same health challenges. Share with them your experiences and what has worked—and not worked—for you, and hear about their tips and ideas too.
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The Healthy Gut Report

Almost every disease seems to begin in the gut. Called ‘the second brain’, the gut’s microbiome—the community of ‘good’ bacteria—determine so much about our health.

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