Dear Friends,

Get Well was created from a grand passion I once had: my passion to get myself well. It also grew out of a tremendous frustration caused by the circuitous route I had to take to find the right path to healing.

In the early 1980s I developed a range of symptoms affecting many systems of my body that left my doctor baffled. Over the course of three years, in search of a cure, I consulted, one by one, a range of conventional doctors and holistic practitioners, first the standard ones and, eventually, the very outer rim of alternative treatment.

But at no point in this tortuous journey did I get better.

Eventually, I realized that if I was going to be cured, I would have to take charge of my own healing.  I researched what I thought I had and then dug further to find an appropriate therapist to heal me.

It turned out that I had undiagnosed allergies and a troubled gut – what would be called these days a ‘faulty microbiome.’ And what finally worked was not any sort of miracle drug or ‘magic bullet,’ but, thanks to the help of a ground-breaking nutritional doctor, a re-haul of my entire life.

An idea is born

Although it took about a year for me to get completely better, Bryan and I knew that I wasn’t the only one who’d been left frustrated and feeling hopeless by the limits of conventional medicine for chronic conditions, or the lack of information out there about which holistic treatment might be the right one for them.

Hundreds of thousands of others could benefit if they had some reliable source to shorten that journey to recovered health. As two investigative journalists by training, we were well suited to dig out cutting edge information about what works and what doesn’t in conventional and holistic medicine.

To that end, we launched What Doctors Don’t Tell You in 1989, and we haven’t looked back since. Besides the UK and the US, WDDTY is now published in 20 languages around the world. 

But there is still more we need to do. More than one in four people in the UK suffers from a long-standing, or chronic illness. For all the extraordinary marvels of high-tech emergency medicine, when it comes to chronic conditions, conventional medicine mainly alleviates symptoms.  What it’s not very good at is curing. 

There are many more people out there who need our help to get well. And while What Doctors Don’t Tell You is a respected brand around the world, the title is a little frightening for some people. 

We realized that we needed to find a way to share our voluminous knowledge of all the most promising cutting-edge holistic treatments – all the tools out there that are really working – with people who are still needlessly suffering.

That’s why we launched Get Well, which has three strands:

An annual Health Show: a unique opportunity for you to hear and meet leading experts about your condition and how to treat it
Webinars: Topical webinars with leading health experts that you can subscribe to and listen to wherever you are
In-depth reports: These downloads zero in on a particular condition with plenty of evidence about what really works and all the steps you need to help you get better.

We hope you are as excited as we are to take this first step in your healing journey.  Join us and find a better and shorter path to getting well.

Warm wishes,

Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard

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