The Type 2 Diabetes Report

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) is growing at an alarming rate worldwide. More than 420 million people—over one in 12 adults worldwide—have been diagnosed with diabetes.1 Hundreds of millions more are undiagnosed or considered to have “prediabetes,” including a staggering one in every three American adults.2 T2D is directly responsible for 1.6 million deaths a year globally, and indirectly responsible for millions more due to heart disease, kidney disease and stroke, as well as major disabilities like leg amputations and blindness.

This report describes how T2D affects the body, how conventional medicine treats the symptoms, and how dietary changes, supplements and other alternatives can get at the root causes and support the body in recovery.

The report is a downloadable PDF that you can keep on your PC or print out. It’s packed full of insights, ideas for non-drug treatment, and may well contain the one clue you’ve been searching for that transform the problem.

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