The Healthy Gut Intensive

Fix your gut, fix your health

Four of the world’s leading gut health experts give you the
blueprint for healing your gut.

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You don’t just have to put up with a gut problem. It can be fixed, and it’s vital that it is.

Scientists are beginning to understand the key role our gut plays in our overall health, and that it can be the starting point for a range of chronic health issues, from heart problems and even Alzheimer’s. But a gut problem can be difficult to resolve, often because of wrong diagnoses, poor tests and endless false trails.

We’ve brought together some of the world’s leading health pioneers who have helped thousands of people fully recover from their gut problem—and who will guide you to better health.

Over the two days of the workshop, they will be interviewed by WDDTY editors Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard before answering your specific questions in great detail, LIVE.

You’ll hear from:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine and one of the most important holistic practitioners on the planet today.
  • Dr. Vincent Pedre, who has put together a powerful protocol for repairing the gut after he had suffered from IBS.
  • Evan Brand, who is so clued in about the gut he teaches other practitioners.
  • Dr. Damien Downing, a pioneer of Ecological Medicine.
Discover the blueprint for resolving your gut problem.

You'll discover:

  • The right tests that will pinpoint exactly what’s happening in your gut and how to fix it
  • Shortcuts for healing candida for good
  • The right herbs and supplements that will finally rid you of parasites
  • The safest and most effective strategies for detox
  • What’s really going on if you’ve been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Keeping the liver and kidneys in optimum health while you recover
  • How to test for toxic mold (and recover if you’ve been exposed)
  • The best probiotics for healing

Attendee testimonials:

  • Thank you Get Well & all the exhibitors & speakers. Loved the Virtual Show - incredible experience! The discussions & Q&A’s excellent.
    I loved the virtual experience & the system was extremely easy to navigate. Lots of wonderful information to absorb & work on!
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful show. I could not have done & learned so much in person & now I can watch it all again! Fabulous. Thank you all. I’m sure all attendees are as uplifted as I am.
  • I thought the whole event was so amazing & the technology seemed to work very smoothly to bring everyone together. Thank you again to the Get Well organizers who made this brilliant event a reality - truly inspiring and enjoyable.
  • It’s been amazing! I have met some very talented & gifted people here at the show! A brilliant online event.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart .
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