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Align your brand and expand your reach with the alternative health industry

By joining us as a media partner you will have the opportunity to:

Increase your brand awareness to an untapped audience
• Be associated with leaders in the alternative health industry
Increase your revenue opportunity with access to a global audience of practitioners and potential advertisers

We offer bespoke and flexible packages to suit both our objectives.

Either contact us or download our media pack to start your journey with us today.

Our show highlights...

  • Very good quality of attendees. People 
    focused on their health and were 
    open to new possibilities.
    - Algocells

  • This is the best health
    show ever!
    - The Biofield Healing Institute®

  • We finally found people who are
    looking for a solution for their
    health problems.
    - Biomicroreal Terapia Ltd

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