Keynote Q&A: Margie Bissinger

Discover the secrets to strong, healthy bones with integrative health coach Margie Bissinger

For over 25 years, physical therapist, integrative health coach, and happiness trainer Margie Bissinger has been helping people with osteoporosis strengthen their bones through natural approaches including exercise, whole foods, supplements and relaxation techniques. She is the author of Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide, host of the Happy Bones, Happy Life Podcast and a member of the New Jersey Interagency Council on Osteoporosis.

Can you tell us a bit about your talk at the Get Well Show?

I’ll be presenting the latest research as well as my clinical experience on how you can improve your bone health through exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and happiness training. You'll come away with tools and information you can immediately implement in your life to start your journey to optimal bone health.

It’s for anyone diagnosed with osteoporosis, osteopenia or wanting to maintain strong, healthy bones as they age.

What will someone learn from listening to your talk?

Listeners will discover which exercises increase bone density and which ones to avoid if you have osteoporosis; the key nutrients necessary for strong, healthy bones and how to get them from your diet or supplements; and the negative impact stress has on your bones and how to reduce it. I’ll also be discussing the vital connection between happiness and bone health and three ways to boost your happiness.

The best thing about the work I do is that I get to help people completely change the quality of their lives.

What is new or coming up in your field that excites you?

I’m excited by a recent study showing significant increases in bone density with high-impact resistance exercise. There’s also intriguing new research on the combined effect of exercise and low-intensity vibration as well as the gut and microbiome that I feel will have positive implications for bone health.

What do you find the most challenging in your job?

Unfortunately, the conventional medical model immediately puts anyone who has osteoporosis on medication, often without looking at possible root causes, which can be poor gut health, inflammation, a sedentary lifestyle, micronutrient deficiency and many more. These issues need to be addressed but they are usually completely overlooked and patients are treated only with medications that have significant side-effects.

I work hard at educating physicians, but there is a lot of work to be done.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The best thing about the work I do is that I get to help people completely change the quality of their lives. When people get involved in my osteoporosis program they start exercising, improving their diet, reducing their stress and increasing their happiness. This not only helps their bones, but also their overall health, and they find they have more energy, strength, and vitality.

I look at a diagnosis of osteoporosis as an opportunity for people to stop, reassess their habits and make lifelong changes that will have a positive impact on their bones and every aspect of their life.

What would you say to someone considering turning to alternative health methods?

It’s very important to get a complete work-up when you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis and make sure nothing else is going on that needs to be addressed. I have seen patients who had tumors on their parathyroid glands causing osteoporosis. They required surgery and did well afterwards.

That being said, working with an alternative health provider to improve your bone health is a good option. I have seen great results with a combination of exercise, nutrition, supplements and stress reduction and by addressing possible root causes of osteoporosis.


Come listen to Margie Bissinger speak at the Get Well Show on Thursday 12th November where she'll discuss the integrative approach to healing osteoporosis.

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