Keynote Q&A: Debra Atkinson

Be fit and fabulous after 50 with Debra Atkinson’s personalized programs and top tips

Fitness guru and founder and CEO of Flipping 50, Debra Atkinson helps women in menopause and beyond get and keep the energy and vitality they want, need and deserve for the second half of their lives. She works with women around the world one-on-one and in group programs online and has created the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist program for fitness professionals who work with women in menopause. 

Can you tell us a bit about your talk at the Get Well Show?

Exercise during menopause demands a unique exercise prescription. I’ll be identifying specific menopause symptoms that can be helped with the right exercise and strategies to avoid making them worse.

I'll be covering the five menopause symptoms you can avoid, reduce, or eliminate with the right exercise; how exercise in the past may have failed you and what you can do about it; why your health and fitness at this point in your life is critical to the decades ahead; why what you’re doing that has always worked doesn’t work anymore; and why walking is not enough.


What will someone learn from listening to your talk?

Women going through menopause will learn how to exercise for better results, avoid or manage symptoms during menopause and provide a healthy foundation for the next decades in their lives. Fitness professionals who work with women in menopause will learn how to best serve their clients..

It’s time for women, and every individual, to demand that programs are designed for them based on research specifically about them.

What is new or coming up in your field that excites you?

The pandemic has increased physical activity by 88 percent for those who were only mildly active before. The world knows how important health and fitness are now. More people are looking for solutions and taking control of their health and they have more access to high quality services than ever.

What do you find the most challenging in your job?

So many fitness choices are not targeted at an individual’s needs. There are a lot of options, but too few good options for any one demographic. The one-size-fits-all approach following fads and trends serves no one and injury rates are too high.

It’s time for women, and every individual, to demand that programs are designed for them based on research specifically about them.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The resilience of the human body is awe-inspiring. It’s messaging us constantly in all its wisdom. I enjoy teaching women to listen to their bodies and giving them ability to use their unique gifts and talents to be the best moms, partners, bosses, owners and employees they can be.

What would you say to someone considering turning to alternative health methods?

Whether you’re more comfortable sticking a toe in the water or you’re a cannonball kind of person, start where you’re comfortable and with an open mind. You are already more powerful in health and healing naturally than you know.

Debra atkinson IS AT THE GET WELL SHOW

Come listen to Debra Atkinson speak at the Get Well Show on Thursday 12th November where she'll discuss exercise interventions for menopause symptoms.

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