Keynote Q&A: David Lusch

Discover the life-changing powers of forgiveness and Tao Calligraphy with David Lusch

David Lusch is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha, a Tao Grandmaster, healer, teacher, doctor of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, grandmaster of several Asian arts and the author of 26 books (including 11 New York Times bestsellers). It was through Master Sha’s teachings that David was able to conquer his debilitating OCD and become medication-free.

Now one of the top teachers in the Tao Academy,™ David has assisted in training over one thousand Soul Practitioners and Teachers and Tao Hands™ Practitioners worldwide and is dedicating to helping people transform their lives for the better.

Can you tell us a bit about your talk at the Get Well Show?

The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy has long been revered for cultivating life force (qi), wellbeing, happiness, and wisdom. My talk will cover Tao Calligraphy, a unique form of this art created by Master Sha for the twenty-first century that involves producing individual characters with a single brush stroke. It’s a practice not unlike meditation or yoga that fosters a sense of balance, calm and an uncluttered mind. 

I'll also be discussing my own personal health journey as well as forgivingness as one of the keys to health and happiness. Learning forgiveness and Tao Calligraphy can transform health conditions and any aspect of life, but may especially help people suffering from stress, anxiety and other mental health problems as well as heart conditions, thyroid issues and chronic pain.

What will someone learn from listening to your talk?

The goal is to help people understand that healing starts at the root—in the information/message or soul level. By changing the information/message within yourself and any aspect of your life—health, relationships or finances, for example—you can change what you create, manifest, and experience in the material world.

It’s my passion and joy to serve others and help them accomplish their goals. I live to help create a world of love, peace and harmony.

Listeners will also discover a unique way to use calligraphy to heal and transform themselves and others, and how combining it with techniques like tai chi, meditation and spiritual practice can increase the benefits.

What is new or coming up in your field that excites you?

The Sha Research Foundation has presented several exciting research papers on Tao Calligraphy this year showing its beneficial effects on pain and quality of life. More studies are in the early stages, and we continue to develop programs, classes and new ways for people to benefit from Master Sha’s teachings.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

My life’s work of helping others to self-heal and transform their health, relationships, finances or business, or grow on their spiritual journey, does not feel like work. It’s my passion and joy to serve others and help them accomplish their goals. I live to help create a world of love, peace and harmony.

What would you say to someone considering turning to alternative health and in particular, Tao Calligraphy as a form of healing?

It’s important to be open to learning and experiencing something new. Sometimes, it takes time to learn and achieve results. Like anything else in life, you need to invest time to reap the rewards.

You also need realistic expectations. You wouldn’t go to a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist or doctor and expect instant results. It’s crucial to give Tao Calligraphy, or any other therapy, a chance over time to achieve results. And many people around the world have achieved great results with Tao Calligraphy.


Listen to David Lusch speak at the Get Well Show on Sunday November 14th, where he will be in conversation with Lynne McTaggart, discussing the power of forgiveness and Tao Calligraphy to heal serious mental and physical challenges.

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