Five cups of tea a day reduce stroke and dementia risk

Drinking up to five cups of tea a day can lower your risk of stroke and dementia.

People who drink that amount of tea—or make up the amount with a couple of cups of coffee—reduce their risk by up to 32 percent compared to non-drinkers.

Those who drink up to three cups of coffee or five cups of tea had the greatest protection, say researchers from Tianjin Medical University in China.

The researchers tracked the health of 365,682 participants in the UK Biobank survey, and 5,000 developed dementia and 10,000 suffered a stroke during the 14 years of the study. The risk was lowest in those who drank up to three cups of coffee or five cups of tea or up to six cups of coffee and tea.

(Source: PLOS Medicine, 2021; 18: e1003830)

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