Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard, editors of What Doctors Don’t Tell You and Get Well magazines, are pleased to announce over the course of two weeks a series of four FREE webinars, via Zoom, starting Thursday, April 2 designed to maximize your health and wellness in every way during these challenging times.

In these free hour-long sessions, Lynne and Bryan will interview a number of pioneering doctors and specialists, who will give you detailed advice about natural substances that kill viruses, the best supplements, foods and exercises to boost your immune system, and the best techniques to stay calm and centered during these challenging times. 

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Part 1: Supercharging Yourself With Natural Virus Killers
Thursday, April 2, 2020
9 am PDST/12pm EDST/5 pm BST/6 pm CEST

This webinar will feature the best substances and supplements proven to prevent the spread of viruses. Joining Lynne and Bryan are noted pioneer Dr. Damien Downing, president of the Society for Environmental Medicine, who was part of a team of orthomolecular doctors who devised a special supplement preventative against the coronavirus; Dr. Sarah Myhill, a British integrative doctor noted expert on vitamin C and other natural virus killers; and Dr. Robert Verkerk PhD, the founder and president of the Alliance for Natural Health and an expert on food and health.
Part 2: The Best Food to Supercharge your Immune System
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
9 am PDST/12pm EDST/5 pm BST/6 pm CEST

In this webinar, Lynne and Bryan interview Dr. Robert Verkerk PhD, Executive and Scientific Director of Alliance for Natural Health, an international health advocacy group, and Dr. Jeanne Drisko, former professor of Integrative Medicine at Kansas University Medical Center, and currently medical director of Alliance for Natural Health USA. Both these experts, who advise governments, businesses and consumers about healing foods and nutritional therapies, will discuss the best foods and diet to strengthen your immune system.
Part 3: Movements to Power up your Immune System
Thursday, April 9, 2020
9 am PDST/12pm EDST/5 pm BST/6 pm CEST

In this session, Lynne and Bryan have enlisted top movement specialists in several disciplines to demonstrate simple moves that help your immune systems and detox systems remain in top working order. They include Charlotte Watts, an internationally recognized yoga guru, Jeremy Colledge, one of Britain’s top qigong masters, and Dr. Denis Wilson, author of Fastercise, who has developed simple exercises to get fit in short spurts.
Part 4: Staying Calm and Centered in Turbulent Times
Tuesday, April 14, 2020
9 am PDST/12pm EDST/5 pm BST/6 pm CEST

In this final session, Lynne and Bryan focus on simple techniques and practices to lower stress and boost the all important parasympathetic nervous system activity, which has proven effects in maintaining health and warding off disease. Joining them are Nick Ortner, creator and author of the worldwide bestselling book and documentary The Tapping Solution, who has popularized Emotional Freedom Techniques, and international author and lecturer Marisa Peer, who developed Rapid Transformational Therapy, which has been shown to rapidly eliminate anxiety and fear. Lynne will also discuss the healing power of small groups and how to stay connected with a virtual Power of Eight group during enforced social isolation.
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